The Kinepod laboratory is designed to produce rehabilitation devices for the human body.



We created our Kinepod laboratory based on four criteria :

A PASSION : a passion for human biomechanics and, more exactly, that of the feet, jaws and eyes.

AN OBSERVATION : : 80% of the population suffer pain caused by foot, jaw or eye problems.

AN IDEA : : giving specialised practitioners in postural and dynamic rehabilitation a range of innovative rehabilitation devices to meet the needs of many movement treatments (kinesiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractics, posturology,…) and the public.

A PATENTED CONCEPT : : The KINEPOD concept is to rehabilitate by providing the feet, jaws and eyes with perfect functionality, thanks to active therapeutic devices designed to promote mobility, proprioception and the muscular activity of the organs in question. Thanks to this innovative concept, the Kinepod laboratory has given the medical world a brand new approach to the body.

The Kinepod laboratory is concerned about your wellbeing.

The Kinepod Laboratory puts on the medical market therapeutic devices that meet 8 criteria :

  • they are effective,
  • they are comfortable,
  • they have great workmanship,
  • in particular, their finesse makes them practical,
  • they have a very long lifespan and optimum resistance because of their materials (in normal use conditions).
  • they are adapted to each patient based on their weight, their deformations and their activities,
  • they are an essential aid in rehabilitating the locomotor system,
  • they do not represent any risk immediately or over time.



The Kinepod Laboratory places 4 areas of innovation at your service.

The Kinepod Laboratory is the first laboratory to develop “active” therapeutic devices for use by healthcare practitioners. Our scientific, business and administrative teams work in partnership with healthcare practitioners towards a common goal: satisfying consumers in terms of health and physical wellbeing.

Effectiveness, traceability, safety are the keys to the success of the quality established by the Kinepod Laboratory.
Our laboratory applies a series of controls that start with sourcing our raw materials and continue all the way to the finished product. By using high technology, Kinepod Laboratory innovates through its unique, physiological process of guiding the foot, the jaw or the eye within physiological mobility. The Kinepod Laboratory tests every product using precise criteria in order to ensure the highest possible quality of finished products throughout their lifespan. We also ensure traceability from production through to consumption. Since 2002, the Kinepod Laboratory has established five kinepody centres in France, Belgium and Luxembourg to test its products on the general public. This contact with the real world (pathology, performance, comfort) enables continuous product innovation.

We are currently the only laboratory with cutting-edge technology able to provide active therapeutic devices that guarantee a natural movement for each patient’s feet, jaw and eyes. Our technology has been tested in high level sport. It has been approved by top flight athletes and their medical teams. les athlètes de haut niveau et leur corps médical.


« KINEPOD… more than a laboratory. We are your partner. »


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