It seems that most children cannot go without :

  • their thumb or other fingers,
  • a dummy,
  • a bottle,
  • their favourite blanket or soft toys.


The Active Soother

  • strengthens the muscles in the mouth,
  • simulates and guides the tongue to position against the palate (thanks to its inclined central base and the lack of a suction nozzle)
  • simulates the growth of the bones in the mouth,
  • guides the milk and adult teeth (into a physiological position).

The active soother can substitute the thumb or a soother from the age of 2.

Without mentioning that chewing food becomes almost pointless.

Indeed, the main source of food for the youngest children consist of pre-cooked, carefully mixed food. This sort of food requires no effort from the muscles or teeth to feed. Because of this social phenomenon, children’s mouth bones become smaller and the teeth no longer have the space to position themselves correctly.

To counter this negative effect, the Kinépod laboratory has developed the Active Soother (French: TBA), the first truly active orthodontic soother.


The active “TBA” soother :

  • stops children sucking their thumb or other foreign objects,
  • strengthens the muscles in the mouth,
  • stops breathing through the mouth,
  • promotes normal breathing through the nose,
  • reduces snoring and enables better quality sleep,
  • reduces pain from teething,
  • guides the teeth into the correct position,
  • provides the child with security (security effect),
  • acts on the child’s posture in descending chain.

Postural action

The TBA improves body posture through its descending chain action. Firstly, this dynamic orthosis is designed to rebalance the joints in the jaw. Just like the feet and the eyes, the jaw is a strategic point in the human body. Over the long term, if it does not work properly it can cause postural problems in descending chain. It is common to find back deformations (scoliosis, hyperkyphosis,…) linked to jaw problems. You should know that an unbalanced jaw may cause you to incline your head through asymmetric muscular tensions, which, sooner or later, with have a descending chain impact on your body posture.

The “TBA” mouth soother balances the jaw through perfectly symmetrical (left-right) muscular work.


The TBA can be used during the day and at night for preventative purposes. Chewing exercises can be performed during the day. en journée et de nuit pour assurer son rôle préventif. Des exercices de mastication peuvent être effectués durant la journée.


  • Prevention against orthodontic problems.
  • Muscular (the tongue and other maxillofacial muscles), proprioceptive (joints, muscles and teeth) and postural balance (by descending chain) rehabilitation.
  • Substitution of thumb sucking or a convention or “orthodontic or physiological” soother, because they are likely to cause orthodontic trouble, a low hypotonic tongue and posture problems.

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